2004.02.16 - MOOD WORDS

2004.02.16 - MOOD WORDS

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2004.02.16- 5 perc naponta a Millennium Idegennyelvi Központtól

OK: (1) yes (to show agreement--often reluctant agreement).
 A: "Come on, Al. We really need your help!"
B: "Oh, OK; I may be crazy, but I'll help you."

OK: (2) neither good nor bad; so-so.
A: "How was the movie?"
B: "OK, I guess, but I've seen better ones."

OK: (3) in satisfactory condition; well.
A: "You look awfully pale. Are you OK?"
B: "Actually, I'm not. I have a terrible headache. "

OK: (4) approve (verb).
A: "Did your boss OK your vacation plans?"
B: "No, but he said that taking them two weeks later would be all right.

on the dot: exactly at a given time.
"We're leaving at 9:00 on the dot. If you're late, we'll go without you."

on time: at the scheduled time.
"It's getting late. You'd better hurry if you want to get to work on time."

(on the) cutting edge: using the most recent technology.
"The university's computer lab is (on the) cutting edge. It has
all the latest hardware and software."

once in a while: occasionally; from time to time.
A: "Would you like coffee or tea?"
B: "Coffee, please. I drink tea once in a while, but I generally drink coffee."

over one's head: too difficult or complicated for someone to understand.
"This explanation of cgi scripting is over my head.
Can you explain it in a less technical way?"









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At a posh Las Vegas casino, a blackjack dealer and a player with a 13 count in his hand are arguing about whether or not it is appropriate to tip the dealer. The player says, "When I get bad cards, its not the dealers fault. Accordingly, when I get good cards, the dealer obviously has nothing to do with that either, so why should I tip him?"

The dealer replies, "When you eat at a restaurant do you tip the waiter?"

"Yes," the gambler concedes.

"Well then, he serves you food; whether its good or bad isnt up to him. By the same token, Im serving you cards, so you should tip me."

"OK," says the gambler, "but the waiter gives me what I ask for.Ill take an 8."



Once a human reaches the age of 35, he/she will start losing approximately 7,000 brain cells a day. The cells will never be replaced.



Learn the language of the street - what people say and the topics they like to talk about. Take a look at these mood words and phrases and then take the Lingo Challenge!

 Good moods

  • I'm really buzzing!
  • I'm having a really peachy time!
  • I'm walking on air!
  • I'm on cloud nine!
  • I'm totally over the moon!
  • Everything's cool!
  • I haven't got a care in the world!

All these mean life is good - make the most of it!

Bad moods

  • I've had the day / the meeting / the holiday / the week from hell! - Everything has gone wrong!
  • I've had a nightmare of a week! - I've had a really bad time this week!
  • I couldn't care less! - That means nothing to me!
  • He's been really edgy / on edge / snapping at everyone recently - He's been really irritable lately.
  • She went ballistic! / threw a wobbly! / had a complete fit! / hit the roof! / blew her top! - She was really angry!
  • Ooh, Daniel makes my blood boil! - He makes me really angry!
  • He was really badmouthing his old company! - He was saying some unpleasant things about his old company.


  • They've been at each other's throats all morning. - They've been rowing all morning.
  • There's a bad vibe round here. - There's a bad atmosphere.
  • The fur's been flying I can tell you! - Other people have been arguing!
  • Milo getting offered that job has really ruffled Jack's feathers! / put Jack's nose out of joint! / put Jack out! - Jack is really offended [that Milo got the job]!
  • 'Speak to the hand 'cos the face ain't listening!' - I'm not listening to you anymore! [and raise your hand for your combatant to speak to]

Sorting things out

  • We've kissed and made up.
  • We're back on speaking terms.
  • We've made it up.
  • We've put it behind us.
  • Forget it - It's water under the bridge.

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