2010 december - Science - Google Workplace

2010 december - Science - Google Workplace

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Az itt megtekinthető videóhoz készült feladatlap itt letölthető!


1. The workers try to avoid ...

2. What is great about Google?
That you have a lot of autonomy over your product and its direction.

3. Often the best ideas come from ...
the employees.

4. What is the biggest resource?
Definitely the people.

5. What they say about the food?
It is great.

6. "We have ... lunch where we get together and we speak ...

7. "There's any type of amazing cuisine, even better than ...
some of the restaurants in New York.

8. They know that what they are working on will be seen by ...
millions and millions people.

9. What allows Google for its employees?
It allows them a fantastic environment to be innovative and to get your product developed really quickly.

10. Workers are encouraged to ...
work on whatever they think it is important.

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