Dangers of tanning beds – Dr Bruce Katz on CBC

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Well when you hear about this next warning you may never want to go tanning again. Medical experts now say that using a tanning bed can be deadly. CBS 2’s Mary Calvi takes a look now at the new medical study.

As deadly as Arsenic, that’s how medical experts now describe tanning beds. A new study puts them in the most dangerous cancer risk category.

“It was just every day all the time and it was like my addiction.”

Jody Duke now first hand a mole removed on her arm turned out to be stage 4 melanoma.

“I was 19 when I was diagnosed.”

A new analysis of 20 studies by the international agency for research on cancer concludes the risk of skin cancer jumps by 75% when people start using tanning beds before age 30.

These tanning parlours are extremely dangerous. Now let’s take a look now. The study shows the younger the person starts the greater the risk. This type of light penetrates very deeply into the skin. So increases the risk of melanoma, other types of skin cancer and it thins out the collagen. So the skin really ages very quickly.

The new classification by international cancer experts means tanning beds definitely cause cancer, putting them in the same category as tobacco. The tanning beds industry disputes the report stating – quote: “There is no proven link between the responsible use of sun beds and skin cancer”. Even the latest studies haven’t swayed some tanning bed users.

“I don’t think anything has really changed our opinion of it”
“It is the dangerous but there are so many other things that are dangerous”

But Jodi Duke and doctors agree they are not worth the risk. Mary Calvi CBS News 2.

The study will be published tomorrow in the medical journal ‘Lancet’ and you’ll be able to find a link on our website at WCBStv.com look for the links and numbers section.

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