The Island of Dolls – The creepiest place on Earth!

Nézd meg azt a rövid videót a világ talán leghorrorisztikusabb helyéről. A szigetről mindent megtudhatsz az 5 Perc Angol Magazin 2010 júniusi számának TRAVEL rovatából!

Island of Dolls, this is the surreal side of Mexico, and Dom Julien is quite happy to share his little fiends with curious tourists.

“Don’t go anywhere, you’re going to stay right here.. no?”

“You’ve been living here 23 years…. You put the dolls here?”

“Ah they were already here”

“Ah you cleaned her. They take care of you?”

“They’re like spirits”

“So he’s going to show me his favourite doll”

“With the sun glasses?”

“This is one of the creepiest places I’ve ever been to, and the strange thing is that he says these dolls give him comfort. Comfort, they’re like, they’re like spirits and takes care of them and he cleans them off and he’s got like these weird head dresses on some of them”.

“This is very strange”

“You’re going to show me a fish that you caught yesterday?!”

“Oh wow that’s a nice fish”

“This is just like on of the creepiest things I have ever seen in my entire life!”

“And he’s just ‘blissed’ out with all these dolls, they’re his protectors, his spirits, he cleans off he’s not bothered that most of them don’t have legs or heads or eye balls. This is… such a weird place.”

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