French Kiss (1995 movie)

Nézzük meg a French Kiss (Francia csók) 1995-ös sikerfilm első jelenetét, amelyben a főszereplő Kate, éppen élete nagy repülős utazására készül... és retteg a repüléstől!

Welcome to Air Canada, nonstop service Toronto to Paris. Our flying time today is an estimated seven hours, twenty minutes. Check that your seat belt is fastened and your chair back is in the upright position. We will be taking off shortly.

– Kate…
– Yes?
– Are you prepared to have a pleasant flight?
– Yes.
– Tell me, Kate. What are you thinking about.
– Twisted steel. A ball of fire. A naked baby screaming for his mother.
– Kate. What happened to your little stone cottage? Picture it now.
– OK.
– Oh, my God.
– And don’t forget your takeoff mantra. What are the words you chant softly in your head?
– We’re going down. We’re going down…
– Kate.
– OK.
– I love Paris in the springtime
– I love…
– Hello? You know, I really think you gave me the wrong mantra. I don’t love Paris. I don’t like the French and I don’t really wanna go on this trip. God, no.
– Kate, you can do this.
– I can’t do this. I don’t belong on an airplane. Let me out! Let me out of here! I don’t wanna die!

– Kate, your full refund.
– Thank you.


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