2011 január – Health: The secrets to living longer

A hosszú élet titkairól szóló cikkhez audió is készült. Az ehhez tartozó feladatlap itt letölthető!

Letölthető tartalmak

About how many percentage of adults overweight in Hungary?
A: 25%
B: 50%
C: 75%
D: 90%

Hungary ranks first with a … of 187.4 out of every 100,000 Hungarian woman.  
A: heart disease death rate
B: Alzheimer diesase death rate
C: cancer death rate
D: liver didease death rate

Praying and sense of community. They both defenses against …
A: agony
B: flu
C: overweight
D: stress

What is Green Tea good for?
A: protects against Alzheimer disease
B: protects against cancer
C: protects against cholesterin
D: protects against pain

Which nation is the healthiest in Europe?
A: Italy
B: Iceland
C: France
D: Japan

People from … eat more fish than any other nation.
A: Italy
B: Iceland
C: France
D: Hungary

Only 11% of Finnish people are obese, because 70% of the population …
A: take outdoor exercise
B: eat healthy food
C: eat salmon with potato
D: have extended family

How many percentage of French adults are obese? And what’s the consequence of this?
Only 10% and it means they suffer less heart diseases as well.

What should we sprinkle on to our capuccino?
Cholesterol-lowering cinnamon

Where can we find Okinawa?
It is an island stretching from Japan to Taiwan.

The inhabitants of Okinawa have … on the planet.
longest life-expectancy

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