2011 január - Interesting News of the World

2011 január - Interesting News of the World

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A januári nagyvilági hírekhez kapcsolódó feladatlapot itt töltheted le!

Bargain booze war hits UK supermarkets in time for Christmas
1. What said Tesco’s spirits manager Mark Sudderby about deep discounting? (He admitted that it was not necessary at Christmas and financially damaging.)
2. Chains including Tesco and Sainsburys are slashing the prices of top brands, because … (they feel they need to compete with each other.)
3. The Wine and Spirits Trade Assoc¬iation insisted there was no evidence … (cheap booze led to more drinking.)
4. What does two 70 cl bottles of top spirits brands cost? (20 pounds)
5. The one-littre bottles contain … units of alcohol. (40)

Vending machine recommends drinks to buyers
1. What kind of technology is used by the vending machines? (Facial recognition technology)
2. If the customer is a man, the machine is likely to recommend … (canned cofee drink)
3. According to a market research women in her 20s prefer … (tea drink or slightly sweeter product)
4. Where has the company tested one machine? (At one Tokyo train station)
5.  How many machines should be available in Tokyo and surrounding areas by March 2012? (some 500 of the machines)

Bruce Willis to front Russian bank ad campaign
1. Bruce Willis is not only an actor, he also performs as ... (Blues musician)
2. What’s the name of the bank? (Trust bank)
3. In his latest movie he plays an … (old-school CIA agent)
4. The bank hung pictures of the Die Hard star with the phrase “…” (Trust is just like me, but a bank.)
5. Who is Dmitry Chukseyev? He was  involved in negotiations with the star's agents and serves as Trust's vice-president for communications)

Granny stuck in loo for 3 weeks
1. What’s the nationality of the pensioner? (French)
2. How old is she? (She is 69 years old)
3. Who rescued the granny? (the police)
4. What’s the name of the granny? (we son’t know, she is unnamed)
5. She was badly … and in a … when they found her. (malnourished, state of shock)

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