2011 január – Sport: Bobsled

A bobozásról szóló szöveg hanganyagához készült feladatlap itt letölthető.

Letölthető tartalmak


The sport of bobsled racing didn’t begin until
A: the late 18th century
B: the late 17th century
C: the late 19th century
D: the late 20th century

Bobsledding is originated from …
A: America
B: Canada
C: Switzerland
D: France

Bobsledding has been an Olympic event since …
A: the first Winter Olympic Games in 1932   
B: the first Winter Olympic Games in 1936
C: the first Winter Olympic Games in 1940
D: the first Winter Olympic Games in 1944

Steel sleds came to be known as bobsleds, because of the way crews … to increase their speed on the straightaway.
A: bobbed up and down
B: bobbed from left to right
C: bobbed back and forth
D: bobbed in and out

Racing a bobsled requires three things: …, …, …
a team, a bobsled (or bob) and a track.
On the way down, bobsleds reach speeds of …
A: 90 Kph
B: 100 Kph
C: 130 Kph
D: 150 Kph

Everyone on the team must wear a protective …, usually with a full-face visor or a pair of goggles.
A: frame
B: shoe
C: clothing
D: helmet

Drivers have to wear gloves. T/F?
F Some drivers go barehanded for better contact with the steering rings.

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