Working in a pub – Complaints


Hallgassunk meg három mini párbeszédet, amelyből megtanulhatod, hogyan kell egy pub-ban panaszt tenni. 


Man: Sorry, I just bought this glass of wine and it seems a bit off, it may have been corked. Can I have another one?
Barman: Okay Sir, no problem. I will bring it to your table straight away.
Man: Fine, just don’t take too long as I am in a hurry.
Barman: I will do it straight away, Sir.

Bill Complaint

Man: I have a complaint about my bill. I had two small beers but you charged me for one small and a large beer.
Barman: Sorry, it is very busy here at the moment. I think one of the staff may have pressed the wrong button by accident. I am sorry for the mistake. I will refund you the difference which is 1 pound, and here is a voucher for a free drink the next time you come.
Man: Oh, I was not expecting that, that’s very kind of you. Thanks.
Barman: No problem, it is always important to us that our customers are always happy, and we see complaints as an opportunity to improve our service.

Most complaints are genuine and a good business will see them as an opportunity to improve their service and performance. Business is always about finding solutions and not creating problems.

Traditional pub snacks

Man: Hi I would like a packet of crisps, please.
Barman: What kind would you like?
Man: Do you have salt and vinegar flavoured crisps.
Barman: Yes of course and anything else.
Man: Can I have some peanuts.
Barman: Salted or unsalted?
Man: Unsalted please, I am trying to cut down on my salt intake.

a bit off – kissé romlott
corked – dugóízű
straight away – azonnal
staff – személyzet
to press the button – megnyomni a gombot
to refund – visszaadni pénzt
voucher – vócser
genuine – eredeti, őszinte
performance – teljesítmény
to cut down on – lecsökkenteni valamit
salt intake – só bevitel

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