Elnézést kért a vizsgáztatótól a matek dolgozata miatt … 20 év múlva kapott választ!


A közösségi média segítségével találta meg egymást 20 év után az egykori diák és a vizsgáztató. 

This woman wrote a note to her maths exam marker. What happened 20 years later will amaze you

 A young Marion Dowling apologised for wasting the examiner’s time – but he was so impressed he tracked her down two decades later.

 Marion Dowling was just 15 when she wrote a letter on her exam paper: "I apologise wholeheartedly that my paper came into your hands to mark. Obviously there is nothing to mark. You see I was entered for this exam against my will and many a long argument occurred between myself and Mr Asker, my maths teacher. Mathematically-minded I am not. So please don’t be annoyed that your time has been wasted on a silly maths paper. But merely remember my name as one day you will see it written on the corner of a painting hanging in the corner of the National Portrait Gallery. And you will be able to say ‘Ah, it’s that troublesome Marion Dowling girl for whom I marked a maths paper.’"

Now living in Thailand, the examiner returned Marion’s exam paper along with a note – and invited her to go and meet him.

In the note he said: "It’s wonderful to have found you. I suppose totally politically incorrect for me (a) to have kept it and (b) contact you – but then I’m a politically incorrect person! Come and visit us. I’d love to meet you."

Marion, now 39 and living in Lincolnshire, never managed her ambition of getting a painting in the Portrait Gallery – but works instead as a business development manager for London-based company Inspired Films.

The exam invigilator first tracked her down in 2011 via Facebook and later posted her the exam paper back along with a note.

After posting the two letters on Twitter this week Marion was deluged with messages of people touched by the story.

She said: "I thought it was the loveliest thing in the world to hang on to my exam paper for all that time. Since I posted it on Twitter it’s been getting a lot of love – it seems as if it’s really touched peoples’ hearts that a stranger would get in touch after all this time."

source: Mirror

note – megjegyzés, üzenet
exam marker – az írásbeli vizsga értékelője
exam – vizsga
to amaze – csodálatba ejt
to apologise – elnézést kér
to waste – elpocsékol
to be impressed by sg.  – nagy hatással van rá vmi
to track down – felkutatni
decade – évtized
wholeheartedly – teljes szívből
to mark – osztályozni, értékelni
to enter – itt: elindul, részt vesz
against sy’s will – akarata ellenére
mathematically-minded – matekos agyú
annoyed – ideges
silly – buta
maths paper – matekdolgozat
corner – sarok
troublesome – kellemetlen, neveletlen
examiner – vizsgáztató
to return – visszajuttat
to invite – meghív
politically incorrect – nem politikailag korrekt
to manage – beteljesít, sikerül
business development manager – értékesítési és marketing menedzser
invigilator – felügyelő
to deluge – eláraszt
hang on to sg. – ragaszkodik valamihez
to touch – megérint
to get in touch – kapcsolatba lép

Choose the correct words for the sentences.

1. Marnie was a …………….. girl, she always got into fights even as a little girl.
a) kind
b) troublesome

2. They pushed me to do this against my ……..
a) will
b) want

3. The …………. was very strict, hardly anybody got a good mark.
a) examiner
b) exterminator

4. Peter and Paula got really ………….. and frustrated at the restaurant because the chef kept talking to them all evening. 
a) calm
b) annoyed

5. Can you write your name in the …………. of your paper?
a) corner
b) corncob

answers: 1-b 2-a 3-a 4-b 5-a

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