Ne horgássz a WC-ben … és más érdekes szabályok Szocsiban:)

Furcsa szabályok Szocsiban, avagy ne horgássz a WC-ben:)

Winter Olympics organisers bizarrely ban competitors from FISHING in the toilets in Sochi’s athletes’ village

Snowboarder Sebastien Toutant tweeted a picture of the brilliant sign in athletes’ rooms with one strange addition to the common bathroom etiquette. No fishing: The fantastic sign which will greet athletes in Sochi. There will be a huge list of usual dos and don’ts awaiting athletes ahead of the upcoming Winter Olympics but the addition of no fishing in toilets is downright peculiar. The games in Sochi get underway this weekend and Canadian snowboarder Sebastien Toutant tweeted this fantastic sign of what is expected of athletes when they enter the bathroom. As you could understand, athletes are asked to refrain from standing on the toilet and being sick in it, although there is one completely unexpected addition

The inclusion of the fishing sign clearly tickled Toutant who uploaded the picture, saying: "Well that’s interesting…Sochi rules in the bathrooms!! #haha #olympics."

As the saying goes, "rules are there to be broken" but something tells us this one might just remain in place for the next few weeks.

source: Mirror

to ban – megtilt
competitor – versenyző
strange – különös, furcsa
addition – itt: kiegészítés, ráadás, pótlás
common – szokásos
etiquette – illemszabályok, etikett
to greet sy – köszönt
dos and don’ts – amit szabad és amit nem
to await – várakozik
upcoming – közelgő, küszöbön álló
to get underway – elindul, elkezdődik (folyamat, esemény)
to expect – elvár
to enter – belép
to refrain from – tartózkodik vmitől
to be sick – itt: hányni
unexpected – váratlan
inclusion – belefoglalás
to tickle – itt:  nevettet
to upload – feltölt
rules – szabályok
saying – közmondás, szólás
to remain – marad, megmarad


1. Why don’t you go and ………. your grandfather? He is standing in the hall.

a) greet
b) gain 

2. I’d ………… making accusations if I were you.

a) remain
b) refrain from

3. The teacher ………. more from Heath because he was the best student in class.

a) expected
b) entered

4. They had to be ………… from throwing shoes in the river.

a) booked
b) banned

5. Meet baby Jane, the newest …………. to our family!

a) addition
b) upcoming 

answer: 1-a 2-b 3-a 4-b 5-a

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