2018.12.21. - All About Christmas 4.

2018.12.21. - All About Christmas 4.

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18. 12. 20.

Ma befejezzük a héten elkezdett karácsonyos témát, és nem maradt más hátra, mint, hogy én is nagyon boldog karácsonyi ünnepeket kívánjak neked.

Ha a két ünnep között is szeretnéd gyakorolni az angolt, akkor kövess minket Facebook-on is, ahol minden nap sok érdekességet és tanulnivalót küldök neked, és lesz majd valamelyik nap videós óra is.

Ne feledd, hogy december 28-tól kapható a nyomtatott 5 Perc Angol Magazin 2019 januári száma is minden újságárusnál, hiper- és szupermarketben, illetve postahivatalban!

Még egyszer nagyon kellemes ünnepeket kívánok neked!




Don't get crazy over Christmas! 

Christmas is the most magical time of the year, but it can also be one of the most stressful ones.  We have collected 5 tips to help you through the holidays without having a nervous breakdown

Shop online

Although shopping for Christmas presents is a ritual but it’s also a hassle. Why not changing this year for a lot simpler and easier solution and shop from the comfort of your armchair? It’s not only easier, but also will help you to buy only what you were planning to as you won’t be carried away, while wandering in huge shops. And you will also avoid the crowd.

Set smaller goals

Try to avoid being a maximalist this time. You don’t need to buy the biggest tree, cook the biggest dinner or send out the biggest amount of Christmas cards. Concentrate on what really matters, buy or create good gifts for those you really care about and forget the rest.

Ask for help

You always try to sort out everything on your own from to shopping to decorating house and tree? Don’t. It’s absolutely fine to ask for help from family and friends. Choose who would be the best for each task and ask everyone to do what they are the most comfortable with. This way the whole holiday process will be a lot easier and smoother.

Hit the gym

In the middle of the holiday preparations we tend to forget about our daily needs, though the pressure can be bigger. Take time for yourself and go to work out. It will give you extra energy and a good overall feeling.

Cut the boring traditions

Do you always try to stick to those good old traditions, but they annoy everyone? Change them! It’s perfectly acceptable to tailor the holiday routine to the style and needs of the family. If your kids don’t wish to see the Nutcracker another time, choose something else instead.

+1 And most of all: don’t forget to have fun and to enjoy the company of those you love the most. After all, that’s what Christmas is mostly about. 

nervous breakdown - idegösszeroppanás
to be carried away - áldozatul esni a csábításnak
to sort out - megoldani valamit
overall feeling - közérzet
to tailor - szabni
nutcracker - diótörő

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