5 Perc Angol TV - Episode 15

5 Perc Angol TV - Episode 15

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A héten három nagyon fontos nyelvtani pontot is megtanultuk. Foglalkoztunk a there is/there are kifejezéssel, amely segítségével el tudjuk mondani, hogy valami valahol van, majd megtanultuk a helyhatározó prepozíciókat és azok használatát, végül pedig a this/these és that/those  mutató névmásokkal foglalkoztunk. Ezeket fogjuk a mai epizódban összefoglalni. 


Moving out


Jessica and Mary, her mother, are in the living-room. Mary doesn’t know that Jessica is looking for a flat. 

Mary: Jessica, what is this? Why are you looking for a flat?
Jessica: Mom. I’m 25 years old. I think I am old enough to move out, and have my own place. Don’t you think so?
Mary: To tell the truth, I’m a bit surprised, but you are right. Let me see that flat!
Jessica: Look!There is a living-room, there are two bedrooms, there is a kitchen, there is a bathroom, and there are also two porches.
Mary: It’s beautiful and spacious, but can you afford it?
Jessica: Don’t worry, Mom. I’m just planning to move out and I know it is expensive. And in the end, I can also share it with a flatmate.

On the table there is a laptop. – Van egy laptop az asztalon.
On the plate there is a cake. – Van egy süti a tányéron.
On the shelf there are books. – Könyvek vannak a polcon.
In the cupboard there are plates and glasses. – Tányérok és poharak vannak a konyhaszekrényben. 

Narrator: Now, Jessica and Mary are looking at the photo of the living-room.

Jessica:I like this living room very much. It is nice and spacious.
Mary:Yes, I like it, too. There is only a sofa in the middle of the room. There is an armchair next to the sofa, there is a chest of drawers next to the armchair, there is a cupboard on the other side of the sofa, there is a desk next to the cupboard, and there is a chair under the desk. 

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