házi kedvencek angol elnevezéseit is meg fogjuk tanulni

5 Perc Angol TV - Episode 17

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A tegnapi epizódból megtanultuk, hogyan mondják a családtagjainkat angolul, és elhangzott a to have ige is, amelyről azt mondtuk, hogy a második legfontosabb ige az angolban a to be létige után. Ebben az epizódban is szó lesz róla, és a házi kedvencek angol elnevezéseit is meg fogjuk tanulni. Vágjunk is bele.


Get yourself a goldfish, Alice!


The Smith family is at home, they are sitting at the dining table. They are having dinner. George is drinking a glass of mineral water and Jessica is eating some spaghetti. They are talking about pets. 


Jessica: Do you know that Peter got a dog yesterday?
Alice: Really? What kind of dog?
Jessica: A mixed-breed dog. It is very cute. He sent me a photo of him. Look!
Alice:Oh, how sweet he is. Dad, look!
George:Yes. Sweet and cute.
Alice:Dad, I want to have a dog, too!
Mary:Alice, now that your sister is planning to move out, I don’t think it is a good idea to have a dog.
Alice:I know, but I would like to have a pet. If not a dog, something else, like a parrot or a hamster.
George:Get yourself a goldfish, Alice. 

On the left of the picture there is a frog. Next to the frog there is a rabbit. Next to the rabbit there is a cat. Next to the cat there is a bowl with three goldfish. On the top of the bowl, there is a parrot. Next to the parrot and the goldfish there is a dog. Next to the dog there is a turtle. On the turtle there is a guinea pig. Next to the turtle and the guinea pig there is an iguana.

George: I have a glass of water.
Mary: I have an old cookery book.
Jessica: I have a new mobile phone.
Alice: I don’t have a dog.

George: Mary has an old cookery book.
Mary: George has a glass of water.
Jessica: Alice doensn’t have a dog.
Alice: Jessica has a new mobile phone.



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