5 Perc Angol TV - Episode 22

5 Perc Angol TV - Episode 22

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Az előző epizódban megtanultuk, hogyan fejezzük ki angolul, hogy hány óra van. Ma ismét az időé lesz a főszerep: megtanulunk az időbeosztásunkról és különböző időpontokról beszélni.


Let's go to the cinema!


It’s half past seven in the morning, so it’s 7:30 a.m. Jessica and Alice are walking through the park. Jessica is going to work, Alice is going to school. Peter is going to work, too. When he sees the girls, he greets them with a big smile. Peter wants to go to the cinema, and he wants to invite the girls. He wants to see the new film with Johnny Depp.

Peter:Good morning girls!
Alice:Hello Peter!
Jessica:Good morning! How are things?
Peter:Not too bad. Listen, there is a new film with Johnny Depp. It is really good. Would you like to go to the cinema together?
Peter:What about Friday evening? I don’t have a lesson on Friday.
Jessica:That’s fine for me. What about you Alice?
Alice:I’m afraid, Friday isn’t good for me. I have a Zumba class on Friday at half past six, at 6:30 p.m.
Peter:On Monday, on Friday, on Wednesday and on Thursday I have lessons at the language school. Only Friday is okay for me.
Jessica:What about Saturday? You don’t have lessons on Saturday. And Saturday is fine for Alice, too.
Peter:All right. Saturday sounds fine for me, too.
Alice:What time do you want to meet?
Peter:The film starts at 8:30, so how about at quarter past eight? At 8:15 pm.
Jessica: So, the film starts at 8:30 and we will meet at 7:15, in front of the cinema.
Alice: Which cinema?
Peter: The Odeon, the one in the city center, next to the National Museum.
Jessica: It sounds great. See you on Saturday!  

Jessica: Hello Peter, it’s me Jessica. Listen, I’m afraid but we can’t make it on Saturday. Our cousins are coming to visit for the weekend.
Peter: What a pity!
Jessica: I know. But there is nothing I can do about it.
Peter: What about next Saturday? Same time, same place.
Jessica: That sounds great! I’ll tell Alice about it.
Peter: All right, Jessica. I’ll check the tickets for next week soon, and I will let you know.
Jessica: Thank you Peter, and sorry again for the inconvenience. Unfortunately we rarely see our cousins, and cannot cancel this family reunion.
Peter: Don’t worry Jessica. Next week is perfect for me.

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