5 Perc Angol TV - Episode 26

5 Perc Angol TV - Episode 26

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A héten egy nagyon nagy lépést teszünk előre, hiszen megtanuljuk az első, és egyben legfontosabb angol igeidőt, a Present Simple-t, azaz az egyszerű jelent. Ha ezt tudod, akkor el fogod tudni mondani, hogy ki mit szokott csinálni általában. Vágjunk is bele! 


What do you do?


It’s a quarter past 7 in the morning and Peter is walking to work. He always walks to work because he lives nearby. He is tired because he usually gets up at quarter to 6. In the meantime, Jessica is jogging in the park. She is not tired. She gets up early every morning and she generally goes jogging before work. 

Jessica:Good morning Peter! How are you?
Peter:Hello Jessica. I am tired. I usually get up at 5:45 a.m but I always go to bed late, after midnight. I never get enough sleep.
Jessica:Oh, that’s not good. You need more sleep.
Peter:I sometimes go to sleep earlier, when I don’t have to stay up to get prepared for my lessons.
Jessica:You need some energy. Let’s have breakfast together.
Peter:Thanks Jessica, but I always have breakfast at home. I usually drink a cup of coffee and eat two rolls with butter and jam. I sometimes drink some orange juice, too.
Jessica:All right, then I’ll go alone because I am hungry. I generally go jogging in the morning, and I am always hungry after jogging. 

Narrátor:Jessica, what do you do?
Jessica: I work as a secretary at my father’s language school.
Narrátor: Jessica, when do you usually start working?
Jessica: I start working at 8:30 every morning.
Narrátor: Peter, how many students do you teach?
Peter: I have 54 students. I teach 2 students. I teach them twice a week.
Narrátor: Peter, when do you generally go to bed?
Peter: I neved go to bed before midnight. 

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