5 Perc Angol TV - Episode 39

5 Perc Angol TV - Episode 39

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Ezen a héten az első és egyben az egyik legfontosabb angol módbeli segédige, a CAN kapta a főszerepet leckéinkben, amellyel elsősorban képességet tudunk kifejezni, emellett udvarias kérdések feltevésekor is használjuk. Az előző leckében megtanultuk, hogyan kell információt kérni a CAN módbeli segédige segítségével, ma pedig azt nézzük meg, hogyan tudunk valakitől segítséget kérni. Vágjunk is bele! 


Can you fill it up?


It’s 8 o’clock in the morning and George has an important meeting out of town, so he has to go there by car. He is running out of fuel at the moment, so he has to stop at the petrol station.

George: Good morning! Can you help me?
Attendant: Of course. What can I do for you?
Man: Fill it up, please!
Attendant:Can you open the fuel tank?
Man:Certainly, and can you check the oil level as well?
Attendant: Yes, of course. Hmm. You’re a bit low on oil.
Man: Do you need to change it?
Attendant:Yes, and you also need some windscreen liquid.
Man:OK. Thank you for your help. Where can I pay?
Attendant: You can pay inside the petrol station at the cash desk. 

George soon has a meeting in another town, but before arriving to helyett: at his partner’s office he gets lost. He doesn’t know where to go, so he asks as helyett: a policeman to help him find the way and he also needs some information about parking. 

George:Excuse me, officer. How can I get to Moor Street?
Police officer:First of all, you can’t enter this street, it is a one-way street. Go back to the roundabout and turn left at the traffic lights. That street takes you to Moor Street.
George: Thank you. Is it easy to park there?
Police officer:Not really. The parking lot is always full. It’s better if you try to find a parking space in a nearby street.
George:Isn’t there a car park?
Police officer:You can leave your car at the shopping centre. It’s bright and secure.
George:That’s a great idea. Thank you very much!

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