'I'm marrying my 'dad'' Real life story

A történetb?l kiderül, hogy egy férfi hogy szeretett bele "régen látott lányába". Továbbá: 'love' idiómák, 2. rész

When Kayley Woodhouse started a seedy affair with married trucker Eddie Robertson, he hatched a bizarre plan to hide it from his wife Iris. Unbelievably, the 54 year old told her that Kayley, then 17, was his long-lost daughter. However, Iris eventually saw through their lies and threw Eddie out. Now, four years on, the fake father and daughter are planning to marry. Kayley, now 22, says: “Pretending to be Eddie’s daughter was wrong, but we’d have done anything to be together.”

Kayley met Eddie in May 2005.

Kayley, who lost her dad to cancer, recalls: “Me and my sister Adele were looking for people to talk to and found Eddie. He told me about his wife and his daughter, Corrina, who is a year younger than me, and I told him about my boyfriend, Aaron, 18, who I’d been with for two years. “Eddie became like my counseller. After a few weeks I told him I loved him.”

Two months later the couple sneaked off to Devon and slept together for the first time. “It was really nice,” says Kayley. “The age gap didn’t bother me at all. “Afterwards Eddie suggested taking me back to his house in Aberdeen and pretending that I was his daughter. I thought it was weird but I wanted to be with him. I felt bad about my boyfriend but you can’t help who you fall for.”

“Iris cooked me dinner and put up a bed for me in Corrina’s room,” says Kayley. “When she gave me a hug I felt guilty.” Over the next five months, Kayley visited Eddie and Iris’ home three times. She shamelessly admits: “One night we all went out and I pretended I was drunk so Eddie took me home, then we had sex in their bed.” At other times they’d have sex in the back of Eddie’s truck. But in October 2005, he accidentally revealed their ruse.

Eddie was at a party when he saw another man talking to Kayley. He says: “I saw red and told him to get his hands off my woman.” Livid, Iris kicked Eddie out of home and he moved into a caravan with Kayley.

She says: “I called my boyfriend straight away to tell him. I felt bad and he was crying. My sister was furious and tried to stop me, but I was too in love. I felt sorry for Iris too, but I knew she’d be OK.” The couple now rent a three-bed flat and Eddie, who divorced Iris two years ago, plans to propose on holiday in Dubai next year. Kayley adds: “I realise when I first got together with Eddie I was looking for a father figure but now it’s very different. He may not be young and good-looking but he gives me security.”

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seedy – beteges
trucker – kamionsoför
to hatch – kieszel, kiforral
to hide sg – elrejteni, eltitkolni valamit
to sneak off – eloldalog, eloson
age gap – korkülönbség
to pretend – álcázni, elrejteni
to fall for sy – szerelembe esni
weird – furcsa
to give sy a hug – megölelni valakit
shamelessly – szemérmetlenül
ruse – csel, fortély, trükk
to get one’s hands off sy or sg – levenni a kezet valakirQl vagy valamiröl
caravan – lakókocsi


leave someone for someone else
– end a relationship with your partner and start a relationship with someone else
The man left his wife for his secretary but soon discovered that his life was worse than before.

love at first sight
– fall in love with someone (or something) the first time that one sees him or her
When I saw the woman at the party it was love at first sight and I knew that I wanted to meet her.

made for each other
– two people who get along extremely well
Although we had some differences we got along very well together and seemed to be made for each other.

make eyes at someone
– look at someone in a way that makes it clear that you like that person and find them attractive
The man became angry when he thought that his girlfriend was making eyes at someone else at the party.

make up
– when two people forgive each other after an argument or begin to see each other again after ending a relationship
The couple had a big fight at the restaurant but they quickly made up and things quickly got back to normal.

a match made in heaven
– a couple who get along perfectly
When the two people finally got together it was a match made in heaven and everyone thought that they would stay together forever.

meet/find the right girl/guy
– find the right partner, the one to marry
When she moved to Madrid she joked that she would never return home if she met the right guy.

on the rocks
– a relationship or a marriage that is experiencing problems
They are experiencing many problems at the moment and their relationship appears to be on the rocks.

the one (for someone)

– the right partner, the one to marry
As soon as I introduced my girlfriend to my mother she said that she was probably the one for me.

one and only
– the only person that one loves
She was his one and only and he felt lost when the relationship ended.

patch up a relationship
– repair a broken relationship
Although the couple had been fighting and wanted to separate they managed to patch up their relationship and are now very happy together.

perfect couple
– two people who appear to get along perfectly
Our neighors have always seemed to be the perfect couple.

pop the question
– ask someone to marry you
He put much thought into his possible wedding before he actually decided to pop the question.

puppy love
– infatuation (strong feelings of love) between school-age children or teenagers
The two teenagers thought that their love was the greatest in the world but everyone knew that it was only puppy love.


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