Female U.S. teacher jailed for 20 years for sleeping with pupil, 13

20 év börtön jár a tanárn?nek, mert lefeküdt egy 13 éves diákjával. Kifejezések az id?járásról, itt!

A U.S. teacher who was caught having sex with a 13-year-old boy has been jailed for 20 years. Ashley Jo Beach wept in court as a judge told her she was a disgrace to her profession and had abused her trust. The 37 year old mother of three had admitted to a four month affair with the boy who was in her class at a junior school in Idaho.

Prosecutors said Beach,whose children are aged from three to ten, had ‘groomed’ the boy to be her lover from when he was 12-years-old. She described the youth as ‘the light of my life’ and gave him presents to win over his affection. Beach, who was married to a prison officer, admitted having sex with the boy in a locked classroom at her school in Meridian, Idaho. The affair was discovered after she was caught partial undressed hiding with the boy in some bushes near the school.

Prosecutor Jean Fisher said: ‘The grooming was methodical and it was calculated.’

Beach wept as she begged for forgiveness, telling the court:’The trust that I destroyed with my family and the community haunts me daily.’ Jailing her for 20 years Judge Ronald Wilper told her: ‘You cashed in your family, your husband and your children, your reputation. And you did this for the sake of lust.’ Her husband Shawn is also facing jail after it was revealed he took intimate photographs of female prison inmates in revenge for his wife’s affair.

He is facing charges of video voyeurism. Beach pleaded guilty to one charge of lewd conduct. She will be eligible to apply for parole after serving four years.

Daily Mail



to be a disgrace to sg – szégyenére válik valakinek
to abuse – megbecstelenít, visszaél
trust – bizalom
affair – viszony
prosecutor – ügyész
affection – vonzalom, ragaszkodás
methodical – rendszeres, tervszer?
calculated – kiszámított
to weep, wept – sír
reputation – hírnév
sake – kedv
lust – bujaság
inmate – lakó
voyeurism – kukkolás
lewd conduct – züllött, buja életvitel
to parole – feltételes szabadlábra helyez


cut class and cut school
– to skip a school class or a day of school without an excuse.

from the old school and of the old school
– holding attitudes or ideas that were popular and important in the past, but which are no longer considered relevant or in line with modern trends.

How do you like school?
– a phrase used to start a conversation with a school-age person.

Never tell tales out of school.
– Do not tell secrets; do not gossip.

school someone in something
– to train, discipline, or coach someone in something.

school of hard knocks
– the school of life’s experiences, as opposed to a formal, classroom education.

school of thought
– a particular philosophy or way of thinking about something.

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