Kylie Minogue és a természetes szépség

Az énekesn?nek nem okoz gondot, hogy smink nélkül fotóztassa magát - számára a természetesség a legfontosabb. Továbbá: Kylie-kvíz!

With her shiny skin, wavy hair and sober outfit, she could be a harassed mother on the school run. But this is none other than Kylie Minogue, having a make-up free day as she returned to her Chelsea flat last night.

Perhaps to make up for the rare slip of her pop princess crown, Kylie later posted an image of herself in full-on glamourpuss mode on Twitter. The sultry shot, taken from an upcoming Spanish Vogue shoot, showed her reclining in a black basque, gazing at the camera.

She captioned it: ‘Hurry up Spring.’

Perhaps the cold weather is starting to grate on Kylie after her winter break in Australia.

The 41-year-old also visited Spain, where she spent time with boyfriend Andres Velencoso Segura’s family.

Kylie recently celebrated after her younger sister Dannii announced her first pregnancy.

She tweeted: ‘Congratulations to my sister Dannii and her partner Kris on the happy news!!!! I am so excited to be an Aunty again!! WOW WOW WOW!! xxx’

Daily Mail

Kérdések Kylie-ról (válaszok az oldal alján olvashatók). Mire tudod a választ?

1. In 2000 Kylie sings a duet called ‘Kids’. Who is her singing-partner in this song?

2. A long time ago, in 1989, Kylie also had a hit called ‘Especially For You’. This was also a duet. Who was her partner at that time?

3. She just can’t get enough of singing duets. In 1995 she made one which was titled ‘Where The Wild Roses Grow’. Who is the singer that she sings this songs with?

4. Her first big hit in 1988 was called: I Should Be So…?

5. In 2000 Kylie makes a big comeback with a No. 1 hit single in the U.K. The name of that song is?

6. What Kylie song is featured on the soundtrack of the movie “Scooby Doo?”

2010.01.22.a2_411374816.jpg  2010.01.22.a3_967024011.jpg


wavy – hullámos
outfit – felszerelés, ruházat, társaság
harass – zaklatás
glamourpuss – b?bájos (cica, macska)
sultry – tikkasztó, perzsel?
basque – testhez álló blúz
to gaze – bámul
aunty – nagynéni



1. Robbie Williams.
2. Jason Donovan
3. Nick Cave
4. Lucky
5. Spinning around.
6. “Whenever You Feel Like it”. No doubt Sarah Michelle Gellar, a HUGE Kylie fan, had something to do with that!

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