Christmas Shopping – hallás utáni értés B1 szint

Jöjjön most egy hallás utáni értést ellenőrző feladat alapfokon, azaz B1 szinten. 

Listen to the text and write down what you hear about the following.

Christmas Shopping






Christmas shopping


Tim’s sister


the Christmas market


the buses


credit card

Christmas shopping

Tim:Hi Suzy, great to see you. How are you?

Suzy:Fine Tim, thanks. And you?

Tim:I’m fine, too. Hey, why don’t we sit down for a coffee somewhere? You love coffee, don’t you?

Suzy:Yes, I do, of course. But I’m in a hurry now, I’m sorry.

Tim:But we haven’t talked for ages and there is a new café with delicious cakes just round the corner.

Suzy:I would really love to but you see, I have to go now.

Tim:What’s up? Where’re are you going?

Suzy:Christmas shopping, of course. Have you done all your shopping yet?

Tim:Actually, I haven’t even started. I’m not in the mood for shopping. And I couldn’t do it myself, anyway. My sister helps me every year but now that she’s in Australia I don’t really know what I will do.

Suzy:Well, you could join me and do some shopping together with me at the Christmas market. How about that for an idea?

Tim:You mean the market at the main square?

Suzy:Yes, there is no other Christmas market in town as far as I know. It is held there every year.

Tim:Well, I don’t know. You’re in a hurry and I don’t want to be a burden on you.

Suzy: Don’t worry, I’m just in a hurry to get there so that I can take my time there. I love to pick presents for others. Really. Just come with me.

Tim:If you insist…

Suzy:I insist. Would you like to walk or shall we take a bus?

Tim:We can walk, the buses are not faster in the traffic jam, anyway. But I’m afraid I don’t have much cash on me. I always use my credit card to pay, when I can.

Suzy:You can use it at the market in many places. And if not, I can lend you some money.

Tim:Thanks, you’re just great. I was really lucky to bump into you.


1. Suzy loves it.

2. There is a new café with delicious cakes just round the corner.

3. Suzy is going Christmas shopping now, Tim hasn’t started it yet (and couldn’t do it himself).

4. She helps him with the Christmas shopping every year. She’s in Australia now.

5. It’s held at the main square every year. (There is no other Christmas market in the town.)  Tim will go there with Suzy.

6. They are slow / not faster in the traffic jam than walking.

7. Tim always uses his to pay (when he can). It can be used in many places at the market.

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