Exchanging a shirt – hallás utáni értés alapfokon (B1)

Hallgasd meg a szöveget, majd válaszolj a kérdésekre! A feladat elvégzése után ellenőrizd a válaszaidat! 

Listen to the dialogue, then read about it again and fill in the gaps with the information you have heard.

The man went to the shop because he wanted to ………. (1). The shirt he had bought had ………. (2) on it but he didn’t ………. (3) it when he bought it. The shop assistant wanted to see ……… (4). She was sorry and said that the customer should have brought the shirt back at least ………. (5). But she could let the customer ……. (6) it. Unfortunately, they had the same style and size shirt only in ………. (7) or in ………. (8). The shop assistant offered to ……… (9) another shirt for him. It will arrive in ………. (10).


1.have his money back/get back his money, 2. a hole, 3. notice, 4. the sales receipt, 5. ten days ago, 6. exchange, 7. green and orange/in different colours, 8. a bigger size, 9. order, 10. 8 to 10 days

Exchanging a shirt

W: Good morning sir, what can I do for you?

M: I bought this shirt here but I would like to have my money back.

W: So you would like to have a refund?

M: Yes, I would.

W: Is there anything wrong with the shirt?

M: Yes, there is a hole on the sleeve here. Look. I didn’t notice it when I bought it.

W: Oh, I’m sorry about that. May I see your sales receipt, please?

M: Yes, here it is.

W: I’m sorry sir. I can’t give you your money back. Your refund period expired ten days ago.

M: Well, what difference do ten days make?

W: I am sorry but that’s the rule. I can’t change it you see. You should have brought it back at least ten days ago.

M: What can I do with this shirt then?

W: Well, even though I can’t give you a refund, there is something I can do. I can let you exchange it for another one or anything else.

M: Thanks that sounds better. So do you have exactly this same kind of shirt, the same colour, size and style?

W: Let me see. This one is the same style and size, but the colour is different. Or the other one here. Looks like we don’t have it in the same colour only in green and orange. Or in a bigger size.

M: No, I don’t like these colours and I don’t want a shirt that doesn’t fit. So, do I have no other choice but to exchange it for something else? Or can you also order this shirt in the same colour for me?

W: Surely I can try. Hold on just a minute, I’ll check it on my computer. Yes, it seems to be working, I can order it for you.

M: And when will it arrive?

W: Unfortunately, I can’t tell you exactly, It should be in 8 to 10 days, But we can send a text to you if you give me your phone number.

M: Thanks, that’s very kind of you. Here you are.          

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