Hallás utáni értés (201009) – alapfok B1


Hallgasd meg a szöveget, majd döntsd el, hogy az állítások igazak vagy hamisak. 

Letölthető tartalmak

1. Why can’t Pelham Olive answer the phone?
A. He’s in a meeting.
B. He’s out of the office.
C. He’s talking with another customer.

2. What does the caller want the secretary to send?
A. information on ISV criteria
B. a business card of 
Mr. Olive
C. a description on software-as-a-service

3. What time should the secretary send the material?
A. 2:30 PM
B. 3:30 PM
C. 5:00 PM

4. What is the caller’s name?
A. Byrne

5. What is the caller’s telephone number?
A. 0 1483 798 274
B. 0 1483 689 274
C. 0 1483 698 274

Key: A,A,B,C,C 

Secretary: Hello, Collectsoft. May I help you?

Caller: Yes, this is Kevin Byrnee from CommuniGator. May I speak to Pelham Olive, please?

Secretary: I’m sorry, but he’s busy right now. Can you call again later?

Caller: Okay, do you know when he’ll be available again?

Secretary: Uh, yes, he should be out this meeting later on this afternoon maybe about 4:30. May I take a message?

Caller: Yes. Mr. Olive sent me a brochure detailing your newest software-as-a-service solution, but there wasn’t any information about ISV criteria.

Secretary: Oh, I’m sorry. Would you like me to fax that to you?

Caller: Yes, but our fax is being repaired at the moment, and it won’t be working until around 2:30. Hum . . . could you try sending that information around 3:30? That should give me time to look over the material before I call Mr. Olive, say, around 5:00.

Secretary: Sure. Could I have your name, telephone number, and fax number, please?

Caller: Yes. Kevin Byrnee and the phone number is 0 1483 698 274. And the fax number is 1483 698 275.

Secretary: Okay. Kevin Byrnee. Is your name spelled B-I-R-N-E?

Caller: No. It’s Byrne with a “Y” and two “e’s.” B-Y-R-N-E-E.”

Secretary: All right, Mr. Byrne. And your phone number is 0 1483 698 274, and the fax number is 0 1483 698 275. Is that correct?

Caller: Yes it is.

Secretary: All right. I’ll be sure to send you the fax this afternoon.

Caller: Okay, bye. 

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