Hallás utáni értés (alapfok – B1) – A weekend at a hotel


Hallgasd meg a szöveget és csináld meg a feladatot is! 

A weekend at a hotel

1. Who did the man stay in the hotel with and for what purpose?

2. How long did they wait for the check-in?

3. What did they get because of the delay?

4. What was different in the room from what they expected?

5. Why didn’t they like it?

6. What was good about the bathroom and what was the problem with it?

7. What were the food and the service like in the restaurant?

8. What happened one morning?

9. Would the speaker like to go back and why?


A weekend at a hotel

1. With his wife, to celebrate her birthday.
2. 1 hour and 30 minutes/between 3 and 4.30 pm.
3. Two drinks.
4. There were two double beds although they booked for only one.
5. One bed would have been more romantic for a couple.
6. The hot bathtub was good but there was no shampoo.
7. The food was excellent/good and the sweets were (especially) delicious. The service was fast and polite.
8. The leg of a chair broke but they brought a new chair in five minutes.
9. Yes, because there are many things to see there and they didn’t have time for everything.

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