Hallás utáni értés alapfok (B1) – Chocolate – the absolute delight


Jöjjön most egy hallás utáni értést ellenőrző feladat alapfokon - természetesen szövegátirattal és megoldókulccsal. 

Listen to the text and find the missing part of the sentences.

Chocolate – the absolute delight

Chocolate is extremely popular in Britain just like in all the other countries of the world. The British are one of the biggest chocolate consumers of chocolate. They eat about 10kg per person per year. Apparently women buy more chocolate than men but it doesn’t mean they eat more because they give some of it away as a present. Men buy less chocolate, but normally eat it all themselves. And finally, according to statistics, most men would rather eat chocolate than drive around in a sports car; and most women rather spend an evening eating chocolate than in the theatre.

The popularity of chocolate is shown by the fact that there are chocolate societies, chocolate weekends and there are magazines just about chocolate in Britain. But what makes it so special?

Scientists proved that chocolate can make you feel physically good because of the materials it contains. It is sweet, light and absolutely delicious. But on the downside if you eat a lot of chocolate you may put on weight and become fat. And dentists say that it is not good for your teeth. So chocolate makes you feel good but you often feel bad about eating a lot of chocolate because you know or you think it’s not good for you.


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