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Listen to the text and fill in the gaps in the sentences with one or to words.


1) Venice is built on 118 ….. (1).

2) There are …… (2) canals in the city.

3) You can cross the canals on many …… (3).

4) People can travel around the city in rowing boats and ….. (4).

5-6) The city sinks  ….. (5) every year because the ground under it is ….. (6).

7) The …… (7) is working on a project to protect Venice.

8) The vaporetto is a ….. (8) which carries a lot of people.

9) If you want to go to the …. (9) you can use the gondola.

10) Local people use ….. (10) to go to school and work.


1. small islands  2. 150  3. small bridges  4. motor boats  5. a few millimetres  6. soft  7. Italian government  8. water bus   9. small canals  10. the streetsAlapfok (B1) hanganyag szövege:


Venice is actually one of the most visited places on Earth by tourists from all around the globe. It is built on 118 small islands that are separated by 150 canals. People cross the canals on many small bridges. They can travel around the city on boats, both rowing boats and motor boats. The most famous sights are the Rialto Bridge, St Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace.

There are several problems in Venice but it is the most popular tourist attraction in northeast Italy. Every year the city sinks a few millimetres because the ground under it is soft. The city will be completely underwater finally, if nothing happens. So the Italian government is working on a project that will protect Venice forever.

There are several ways to get around in Venice. The most common is walking and using the vaporetto, a water bus which carries lots of people around the city. The vaporetto goes around the City and on the Grand Canal, it does not enter the small canals of the city. To see Venice from the small canals, most tourists use the gondola. The Grand Canal is long and can be crossed only on a few bridges. The streets are used by the local people to move around the city: to go to school and work.

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