Hallás utáni értés – B1 (alapfok) – A hungry cat

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Hallás utáni értés – B1 (alapfok) – A hungry cat

Alapfok (B1)
Listen to the dialogue and fill in the gaps.

1. The man forgot to ……. .
2. He forgot it because ……..
3. The man thinks that the cat doesn’t care ……. .
4. He thinks cats are …… .
5. He couldn’t imagine ……….. .
6. He grew up on ….. around ….. .
7. He remembers their dogs sitting on ….. to …… in winter.
8. The woman had a cat, which was ……… .
9. She also had two ……. .
10. One came from ……… and the other from ……… .

A hungry cat

A (woman): Did you feed the cat?
B: (man) I’m sorry, I forgot about it. I’ll do it in a minute.
A: But he is meowing. He must be very hungry.
B: Okay. I’ll feed him right now.
A: You shouldn’t make him wait.
B: Yes, but I was doing my homework, you know.
A: The cat doesn’t care about your homework, you know.
B: Actually, the cat doesn’t care about anything.
A: Surely, that’s the way cats are.
B: All they think about is themselves. And they are lazy.
A: Do you think we should get rid of him?
B: Of course, not! He’s family. I couldn’t imagine life without a pet, anyway.
A: Did you also have pets when you were a child?
B: Yes, sort of. I grew up around horses on our farm and my parents had dogs since I was born. Norwegian Elkhounds. They are the friendliest dogs I’ve ever seen. I remember them just sitting on my feet to keep them warm in winter. But they wouldn’t have a good place here in a flat. And what about you?
A: My mother got a cat a month before I was born. Well, a small kitten. So it was three months older than me. She was a good cat and I played a lot with her. Later we also got two turtles. One we collected on a school trip and my father brought back the other one from a business trip.


  1. feed the cat, 2. he was doing his homework, 3. about anything, 4. lazy, 5. life without a pet, 6. a farm, horses, 7. his feet, keep them warm, 8. three months older than her, 9. turtles, 10. a school trip, her father’s business trip

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