Hallás utáni értés (B1 – alapfok) – Ordering pizza


Jöjjön most egy rövid, alapfokú hallás utáni értést ellenőrző feladat megoldással!  

Alapfok (B1)

Ordering pizza

Listen to the dialogue and find the information about the following.

1. Toppings on the first pizza.

2. Toppings on the second pizza.

3. Side dishes for the pizza

4. Delivery.

5. Payment.

Ordering pizza

A: Hallo, Instant Pizza Delivery, can I help you?

B: Hallo, I’d like to order two pizzas, please.

A: Certainly. What would you exactly like?

B: Well, one with sausages and pepperoni.

A: How about extra mozzarella cheese with it?

B: Yes, please.

A: And what about the other?

B: Something vegetarian.

A: You mean, vegan?

B: No, just vegetarian.

A: I can recommend the pizza with our garden favourites.

B: What do you have on it?

A: Fresh tomatoes, broccoli, sweet red onions, and red paprika.

B: Can I have it without onions?

A: Sure, of course. Would you like any sides with that?

B: Yes, do you have fruit salad?

A: Yes. How about red berries?

B: Perfect. And two slices of garlic bread as well.

A: Fine, will that be all?

B: Yes, that will be all.

A: Can I have your name, address, and phone number?

B: Dave Harris, 123 Lipton Road. And my phone number is 5127549. How long will delivery take?

A: It will be there with you in about 30 minutes.

B: Okay. How much will that be?

A: 16 pounds 50.

B: Can I pay by credit card?

A: I’m afraid not. Unfortunately, we have a problem with our system. So you can pay by cash only. Please have the correct change ready for the driver. It’s no problem, I hope.

B: No, that’s all right, thank you.


1. sausages, pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese

2. (fresh) tomatoes, broccoli, red paprika

3. fruit salad (with red berries), (two slices of) garlic bread

4. in(about) 30 minutes

5.  by cash

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