Hallás utáni értés (alapfok): A visit at the bedside

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Dora is in bed because she has …… (1). She doesn’t feel well because her ….. (2) and …… (3). She’s planning to go to Boston at …… (4) to …… (5). If she doesn’t get better by then her doctor …… (6). She received ….. (7) from a friend who …… (8) in Copenhagen. Her birthday is on the …… (9). Her aunt lives in …… (10) and her birthday is on the ….. (11). Dora has …… (12) for her and would like to send them in …… (13). Her sister lives in New York and wants to ….. (14). She’ll visit Dora in ….. (15).

Alapfok (B1) hanganyag szövege:

 A visit at the bedside

S: Hi, Dora, am I disturbing you?
D: Ah, Sam! No, no, you’re not disturbing me. Come on in!
S: What? You’re in bed? Are you ill?
D: Just a bit, it’s not serious.
S: What’s wrong with you?
D: Oh, I’ve got the flu. I don’t feel well because my head is aching, and my nose is running.
S: Can you go to the conference in Boston? That’s at the end of May, isn’t it?
D: Yes, I hope I’ll be healthy again by then. Otherwise, the doctor won’t let me go.
S: Tell me, what kind of painting do you have here?
D: It’s from Denmark. A present from a friend, Tina. She goes to college in Copenhagen.
S: Really nice! – Oh no, I just remembered: Isn’t your birthday in May?
D: Yes, that’s right, on the twelfth.
S: The twelfth? But the twelfth is today!
D: Yes, you can congratulate me.
S: Really! Congratulations! And get well soon! I’m sorry, I haven’t brought you a present.
D: It doesn’t matter. You’re not supposed to give me a present! But you know what? You can do me a favour.
S: Yes? I’d love to.
D: I have baked some cookies and I would like to send some in a parcel to my aunt for her birthday. She just loves them, but unfortunately, we can rarely meet. She lives in a village in Scotland, you know. And her birthday is on the twenty-fifth.
S: Yeah, sure. Just give me the parcel! I have to go to the post office anyway. How is your sister, by the way? Does she like it in New York?
D: Oh, yes, she does. She wants to stay for another two years. In July she’ll be on holiday for four weeks. Then she’ll spend some time with me. And I’ll visit her when I go to the conference in Boston.
S: Hopefully, you’ll be fine by then. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.


A visit at the bedside

1. the flu, 2. head is aching, 3. her nose is running, 4. the end of May, 5. a conference, 6. won’t let her go, 7. a painting, 8. goes to college, 9. twelfth of May, 10. a village in Scotland, 11. twenty-fifth, 12. baked some cookies, 13. a parcel, 14. stay for another two years, 15. July.

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