Hallás utáni értést ellenőrző feladatsor – ALAPFOK (B1)

Szalai Nóri | 2011. 08. 07.

1. What does the man want to do after he graduates?
a. He wants to become a teacher.
b. He hopes to go on to graduate school.
c. He’d like to work at a hotel.         

2. What is the woman majoring in?
a. history
b. Russian
c. computer science

3. How does the woman pay for college?
a. She has a part-time job.
b. She received a scholarship.
c. Her parents are paying for it.      

4. Where does the man work part-time?
a. at a bakery
b. in a library
c. at a café

5. What thing did the man NOT say about his job?
a. His co-workers are friendly.
b. He works long hours.
c. The pay is okay.

Greta: Oh, hi Dave. Long time, no speak!
Daniel: Hi Greta. I was in the neighborhood, so I thought to pop in.
Greta: Come on in. [Thanks.] Take a seat. Would you like anything to drink? I have some wine or apple juice.
Daniel: A glass of wine would be nice. Uh, so, how are you doing?
Greta: Oh, not bad. And you?
Daniel: Oh, I’m doing okay, but school is really busy these days, and I don’t have time to relax.
Greta: By the way, what’s your major anyway?
Daniel: English history.
Greta: Well, what do you want to do once you graduate?
Daniel: Uh… to be honest I do not know, but I might work for a school, college or university in this area. How about you?
Greta: Well, when I first started college, I wanted to major in Russian, but I realized how difficult finding a job using the language, so I changed majors to computer science. [Oh]. With the right skills in the computer industry shouldn’t be as difficult.
Daniel: So, do you have a part-time job to support yourself through school?
Greta: Well, fortunately for me, I received a four-year academic scholarship [Wow] that pays for all of my tuition and books.
Daniel: Wow. That’s great.
Greta: Yeah. How about you? Are you working?
Daniel: Yeah. I work twice a week at a cafe near campus.
Greta:  Oh. What do you do there?
Daniel: I’m a waiter.
Greta:  How do you like your job?
Daniel: It’s okay. The other workers are friendly, and the pay isn’t bad.

Answers: 1. a, 2. c, 3. b, 4. c, 5. b 

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