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1) New research shows that coffee helps office workers stay awake.

2) Coffee protects against certain illnesses, like liver cancer.

3) Caffeine works like a pain-killer.

4) People who drank coffee before work had less pain in their knees.

5) This was the first time they examined the effect of coffee during computer work. 

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A coffee a day will keep your work pains away

Tired of the daily grind of your nine to five desk job? Worried that sitting with your eyes glued to a computer screen for hours on end is causing your health to massively deteriorate? Well, fear not, as scientists have come up with a cure for the stress and strains of the working day – a cup of coffee with your breakfast croissant.

The humble bean-based beverage has already been hailed for its powers to protect against liver cancer, Alzheimer’s and even strokes. However, scientists from the University of Oslo in Norway found volunteers who had a latte before they tackled 90 minutes of intensive screen-based work suffered fewer pains in their neck, shoulders, arms and wrists than those who went espresso free. They also discovered even small doses of caffeine, which is already used in some medicines such as aspirin and paracetamol, can have a strong pain-killing effect.

‘The results revealed a significantly lower increase in pain development for the subjects who had consumed coffee approximately one and a half hours before the task, compared to those who abstained,’ the report published in the journal BMC Research Notes said. “Several other studies have found attenuated pain during exercise after caffeine. ‘But we are not aware of any that have examined the effect of coffee on pain during very low-level muscle activity, as during computer work.”

Answers: 1-f, 2-t, 3-t, 4-f, 5-t

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