Hasznos párbeszédek/Making friends – Barátkozás kisgyerekkel

Szalai Nóri | 2020. 09. 16.

Ez a lecke akkor lehet hasznos számodra, ha kisgyerekkel szeretnél barátkozni (mármint nem a gyerekkel, hanem úgy, hogy veled van egy gyerek:). Természetesen most is van hanganyag a leckéhez. 

Man: Excuse me. Do you often come to this playground? It’s a really nice one and there’s hardly anybody.
Woman: It gets much busier in the afternoon but then it’s mostly bigger kids.
Man: Oh, so when is the best time to come out with a toddler? Lilly is so sociable, she enjoys playing in a group.
Woman: Today most of the kids we know are at playgroup. It’s every Tuesday morning next to the library.
Man: That sounds good. You see, we’re new in the area and I’m trying to find some activities for Lilly. My wife is at home with the new baby so Lilly needs some entertainment.
Woman: Well, there’s the playgroup on Tuesdays and Music and Rhymes in the library on Friday mornings.
Man: We’ll pop in the library on the way home then. Do you need to sign up?
Woman: No, but you can pick up a leaflet on all the children’s activities in the summer term.
Man: Thank you very much for the great tips. Lilly seems to get along very well with your son.
Woman: Hamish is a friendly little chap. He’s very active. How old is Lilly?
Man: She’s 2 and a half. And Hamish?
Woman: He’s turning 3 next month.
Man: I guess I’ll have to find out about nurseries in the area as well. Is Hamish starting nursery in September?
Woman: That’s the plan. I think 3 mornings a week will be fine for the first year.
Man: And do you happen to know what the schools are like in the area?
Woman: Not really. But you should ask around at the playgroup, there are mums with older children. I’m sure they will be glad to help.


Do you often come to this … .?Gyakran jártok erre a …-ra/-re?
There is hardly anybody.Alig van valaki.
It gets much busier in the afternoon.Délután sokkal nyüzsgőbb./sokkal többen vannak itt.
When is the best time to come?Mikor a legjobb jönni?
That sounds good.Ez jól hangzik.
We are new in the area.Újak vagyunk a környéken.
We’ll pop in the … .Be fogunk ugrani a …-ba/-be.
Do you need to sign up?Fel kell iratkozni?
He’s turning 3 next month – Jövő hónapban lesz 3 éves.
Do you happen to know … ?Nem tudod véletlenül, hogy …?
You should ask around.Körbe kéne kérdezned.
I’m sure they’ll be glad to help.Biztos vagyok benne, hogy örömmel fognak segíteni.


playground játszótér
mostly– leginkább
toddler kisgyerek (totyogós)
sociable társaságot kedvelő
playgroup – játszócsoport, játszóház
activity – tevékenység
entertainment – szórakozás, szórakoztatás
rhymes – mondókák
on the way homehazafelé
to pick up somethingösszeszedni, felszedni valamit
leaflet szórólap
term– időszak
tip – ötlet
to get along well withjól kijönni valakivel
chap fickó
to find out about something– tájékozódni valamiről
to ask around – kérdezősködni

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