Szilveszter Európa fővárosaiban

dr. Bülgözdi Imola | 2013. 12. 28.

A tűzijáték, úgy tűnik, kötelező elem, de London, Berlin és Prága mást is nyújt!


On New Year’s Eve most European capitals are transformed into party venues. If you think you know these cities well, you might still be pleasantly surprised by giving a chance to a new perspective. New Year’s Eve celebrations definitely provide visitors with a unique experience worth travelling for.

London New Year’s Day Parade

If you want to end the year with a Big Bang, watch Big Ben strike midnight and enjoy the spectacular fireworks by the London Eye. If you’re not worse for the wear, join the crowds on the 1st of January in the New Year’s Day Parade, which features over 10,000 participants from across continents: marching bands, dancers, cheerleaders, acrobats, musicians and street performers.

Berlin – one gigantic party

If you don’t mind the cold, have fun on the party avenue between the Victory Column and the Brandenburg Gate, where over a million people party all night long. There’s dancing in the side streets, entertainment by international stars and incredible laser and light animations all over the sky. Foods from around the world add to the party atmosphere culminating in the midnight fireworks.

Prague – New Year’s Eve Cruise

If mingling with the crowd is not your thing, why not try going on a river cruise at New Year’s Eve. While the beautifully illuminated city goes by, enjoy the comforts of a heated deck, dinner and a champagne toast. You have the choice of party boats as well, ranging from entertainment by DJ, jazz band to live dance music, or a luxurious romantic dinner accompanied by piano.

capital – főváros
venue – helyszín
pleasantly – kellemesen
perspective – nézőpont
to provide  – biztosítani, ellátni
to be worth – érdemes lenni, megéri valami
to strike – üt (itt óra)
to not be worse for the wear – nem viseli meg
to feature – fellép, szerepel az eseményen
cheerleader – pompom lány
performer – előadóművész
to mind something – zavar valakit
avenue – sétány
entertainment – szórakozás
incredible – hihetetlen
to culminate in – kicsúcsosodik valamiben
to mingle with the crowd – elkeveredik a tömegben
cruise – sétahajózás
illuminated – kivilágított
heated deck – fűtött fedélzet
toast – pohárköszöntő
a choice of – választék
to accompany – kísérni

Match the words with the definitions.

1. cruise

a) hard to believe

2. to be worth

b) a drink to the health of someone

3. toast

c) a wide, tree-lined road

4. incredible

d) to be useful or important for someone

5. avenue

e) a boat trip

answers: 1-e 2-d 3-b 4-a 5-c

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