What makes a house a home?


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What makes a house a home?

There are many different kinds of homes that we live in. You can live in a flat, in an apartment, in a bungalow or in a house. But what makes them different?


Sometimes living in a flat is a simple way to get on the property ladder when you are thinking about buying a home. Flats are often part of a larger building that has been separated in to smaller living spaces. The kitchen area is sometimes an open area shared with the living room and your flat will also have a bathroom and bedroom.


You may live in an apartment. An apartment is like a flat, but it is often part of a much bigger complex of buildings. Because apartments are often found in tall buildings you will have to use the lift or elevator to get to your home.


A bungalow is a word given to a house that is on one ground floor level only, a bit like a chalet. A bungalow does not have any stairs, because all of the living area is on one floor. This usually means you will have a kitchen, bathroom, lounge or living room and bedrooms. This kind of home is popular with older people because you don’t have any stairs to climb when you go to bed.


A house is a property that is usually built on two or more floors. On the ground floor you will find the kitchen, the lounge and maybe dining room where you eat your meals. Upstairs you will find the bathrooms and bedrooms. In some larger houses you may also have a small toilet downstairs.  Also in a larger house you may find a garage where you can park your car or bike.

Exercise: Fill the blanks! 

flat/apartment terraced house bungalow detached-house cottage semi-detached house/duplex

1. You live in a ………………… if it stands on its own grounds.
2. A house is …………………   if it is joined to another house. You can also call it semi.
3. You live in a …………………  if your house is in a terrace or row of houses.
4. If you live in a …………………, your home is in a block of flats or is part of an older house.
5. A …………………  is usually a small house in the country.
6. A …………………  is a house with only one floor.

answers: detached house, semi-detached or duplex , terraced house, flat or apartment, cottage, bungalow 

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