At the hairdresser’s – Fodrásznál

Szalai Nóri | 2013. 10. 03.


Hairdresser: Good morning, Madam! What can I do for you today?
Woman: I don’t really know. I want to try something different now.
Hairdresser: What do you mean? A different colour or a different style?
Woman: My hair is quite thin. I was wondering to have it curled.
Hairdresser: It sounds good. Would you like me to dye your hair, too?
Woman: Actually, I’m not really keen on having it dyed, yet I would like some blond stripes to highlight my hairdo.
Hairdresser: All right. I understand. We use very high quality materials, which do not destroy the hair structure, so don’ be afraid of hair colouring.
Woman: Okay. I just want to have some highlights now. Maybe later I’ll try colouring, too.
Hairdresser: … and what about the style? Do you have any specific idea, or you just want to have it curled?
Woman:  I would also like you to cut it a bit shorter, just to chop off the ends.
Hairdresser:  Certainly, madam. If you want me to do it, I’ll do it.
Woman: I’m absolutely sure.
Hairdresser:  All right, and then follow me, please so that I can shampoo your hair, first.
Woman: Thank you.


What can I do for you today? Mit tehetek ma önért?
I want to try something different now.  – Szeretnék most valami mást kipróbálni.
What do you mean?Mire gondol?/Mit ért ez alatt?
I was wondering … .Azon gondolkodtam, hogy … .
It sounds good.Jól hangzik.
I’m not really keen on … .Nem lelkesedem annyira a/az …-ért.
Don’t be afraid of … .Ne féljen a …-tól/-től.
Do you have any specific idea?Van valami egyedi elképzelése?
If you want me to do it, I’ll do it.Ha szeretné, akkor megcsinálom.
Follow me please to the … .Kövessen kérem a …-hoz/-hez/-höz.


to try something different kipróbálni valami mást
to have (the hair) curledbegöndöríttetni a hajat
to have one’s hair dyedbefesteti a haját
to be keen onlelkesedni valamiért
blond stripesszőke melírcsík
to highlightkiemel
to destroytönkretesz
to chop offlevág

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