Small Talk – Sample Conversation 2-3.


Hallgassunk meg ismét két beszédbe-elegyedős dialógust! 

Conversation 2. 

Mark: Hi, I just wanted to tell you I found your presentation very interesting.
Georgina: Thank you. I’m glad you liked it.
Mark: I was wondering if I could have a copy of the table on cost-cutting in the Human Resource Department. I’m planning to introduce something similar in our company and it would be a great starting point. No problem, here you are. Which company do you work for?
Georgina: Sunshine Malt Factory. My name is Georgina Smith, by the way.
Mark: Nice to meet you, Georgina. So you are planning to modernize HR?
Georgina: Yes, and I really liked your practical advice on how to introduce these changes.
Mark: Why don’t we discuss this in more detail over a coffee in a couple of minutes? I’ll just pack up here.
Georgina: Great. Shall I get you an espresso or a cappuccino?
Mark: Espresso, please. Thank you.

to be glad – örülni valaminek 
I was wondering – azon tűnődtem 
cost-cutting – költségcsökkentés
to introduce – bevezetni
in more detail – részletesebben

Conversation 3. 

Maria: Do you mind if I borrow your newspaper? I had no time to buy one this morning.
Sam: There you are. I’m almost finished with it. I’ll keep the sports pages if that’s ok.
Maria: I was quite disappointed with the finals last night. Did you see the match?
Sam: Yes, what a shame. No wonder the referee has called it off.
Maria: When will they replay the match?
Sam: I’m not sure. Let’s see if it’s in the paper. Looks like it hasn’t been decided yet.
Maria: They must play somewhere safe. Which stadium do you think would be suitable?
Sam: I’m not sure. Maybe somewhere in Scotland.
Maria: Yeah, too far for most supporters to go and make trouble.
Sam: Got to get off now. Nice talking to you. You can keep the paper.
Maria: Thanks. Have a nice day.

to borrow – kölcsönkérni 
disappointed – csalódott
shame – szégyen 
no wonder – nem csoda
referee – bíró
to call off something – lefújni valamit 
supporter – szurkoló


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