Which apartment shall I choose?

Szalai Nóri | 2016. 07. 11.

Az alábbi leckéből megtanulhatod, hogyan adj tanácsot lakásválasztással kapcsolatban. 

Maya’s landlord is planning to sell the house where she lives now, so she is looking for a new place to stay. Yesterday she found two flats for rent. She liked both of them, so now she finds hard to decide which one to choose. Give her some useful advice! That’s what Maya says about herself and about the flats:

First of all, let me introduce myself. I’m in my mid-20’s, and I work as a secretary in an office. I usually leave work after 5 pm. I usually have things to do on weekdays but at weekends I tend to be at home. I like cooking and gardening. I don’t have a car; I walk to work as I live in the city centre now.

… and now, about the flats.

Flat 1 is in the suburbs (about 8 kilometres from my place of work). It’s a flat on the ground floor of a four-storey block of flats, in a quiet street. The building has two small courtyards. It’s about 5 minutes’ walk from the nearest bus station. The main street has nice shops and cafes.

Flat 2 is in the centre, right in the business district, in an eight-storey building. It also has a small balcony. It has a lot of public transport options, but as it’s in the business area I don’t think there is much life around there at weekends. This flat is nicer than the first one, it has more beautiful carpets and it’s much lighter, too. It is 10 % more expensive than the one in the suburbs. However, Flat 1 is more spacious, and it has two courtyards, so I could do some gardening in my free time.


How to give advice? – Hogyan adjunk tanácsot?

YOU SHOULD choose Apartment 1, because it’s in a  quieter area.
Az 1-es számú lakást KELLENE választanod, mert egy csendesebb környéken van.

WHY DON’T YOU ask around in the neighbourhood?          
MIÉRT NEM kérdezel körbe a környéken?

TAKE MY ADVICE AND choose Apartment 2, because it’s right in the centre.
FOGADD MEG A TANÁCSOM ÉS választd a 2-es lakást, mert az pont a központban van.

YOU HAD BETTER think it over twice before you decide.    
JOBBAN TENNÉD, HA átgondolnád kétszer, mielőtt döntesz.

YOU OUGHT TO ask your mother’s opinion, too.     
KI KELLENE kérned az anyukád tanácsát is.

IF I WERE YOU, I WOULD choose Apartment 2.       

FOLLOW MY ADVICE AND have a look at both the apartments once again!
KÖVESD A TANÁCSOM ÉS nézd meg mindkét lakást még egyszer!




háziúr, főbérlő

both of them


to find hard to

nehéznek találni valamit



advice (nem megszámláható!)


to tend to

hajlani valamire

on the ground floor

a földszinten



block of flats




business district

üzleti negyed

public transport




10% more expensive

10 százalékkal drágább

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