Brit látványosságok süteményeken


Olvasásértés egy kis nyomkodós teszttel.

1. Everyone has their own technique when it comes to devouring a Jaffa Cake but artist Dominic Wilcox likes to turn his ____________ works of art.

2. The artist has nibbled his way through more than 250 of the orange treats to ______________ the unique bite-sized art – using just his teeth.

3. Iconic British monuments and images _______________ the Loch Ness Monster, the White Cliffs of Dover and London’s Tower Bridge are among his designs.

4. Dominic, 37, has even created a portrait of the Queen out of a half-eaten Jaffa Cake. He munched his way through the chocolate, leaving a few flakes behind, and nibbled around the edge of the orange jelly to make the treat resemble a ________________ with the Queen’s head.

5. To create the Loch Ness Monster he had to eat 250 Jaffa Cakes alone as he kept on ______________ mistakes.

6. But he admitted that the Queen was _________________ difficult as it was challenging to get the nose right with just his teeth.

7. He told the Sun: ‘People enjoy eating their Jaffa Cakes ___________ different ways and I like to turn them into works of art.

8. ‘The Queen was quite difficult because I ________________ it to look like a coin and I must have had about 10 attempts.

9. ‘Using my teeth was a real challenge as I ________________ see what I was doing, but after a while I learnt to ‘feel’ my way with my tongue.

10. I nibbled _____________ hours and had to go through at least three boxes alone just to get a decent looking Tower Bridge.’

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