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Group of strangers save old lady from drowning in car after ocean plunge

1. Last Friday in a remarkable act of bravery, a _____________of complete strangers rescued an elderly woman after her car plunged into the sea and quickly began to sink in Portland Harbor, Maine, in the United States.
2. Without fear for their own safety, over 30 brave bystanders raced into the chilly waters to save Ms Nixon, 84, ____________ had become trapped in her car after she lost control of it on the road.
3. The car ploughed through two fences _________ the ocean.
4. ‘You could hear the clanging of a fence,’ ___________ Mike Wells, one of the civilians who joined in the rescue. ‘It looked like it was going pretty fast. I saw it go over the edge and then water splashed up.’
5. Another of the rescuers, Katie Nelson, said she _____________lunch one minute when she heard the speeding car crash – then just moments later she was dashing into the water and climbing through the rear window of the sinking car to pull Nixon to safety.
6. ‘I just remember looking in at her and there was water all in the front of the car and she was in the front _____________,’ Nelson recalls. ‘I said, "Hi I’m Katie," and she’s like, "I don’t want to die in here, I’m going to drown."
7. And I’m like, "No, no you’re not. You’re ____________ to grab my hands and we’re going to pull you out".’
8. A further hero, Robert Slaving, then swam the _____________ woman back to shore and placed her into a safety harness, which local firefighters then used to hoist her back to land.
9. Remarkably, the clearly shocked Nixon’s only concern when she got out of the water was to ask ___________ she had hurt anybody.
10. The 84-year-old was taken to hospital, but was lucky to only sustain minor injuries to her leg and eye. Several of her selfless rescuers were treated on the scene for hypothermia, ___________ all are fine now.

source: Metro

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