In the circus

In the circus

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A következő rövid szöveget meg is hallgathatod, ezzel is gyakorolva a kiejtést. 


The life in the circus is very busy. The elephant, two dogs and a sea lion are performing tricks to the audience. The acrobat is balancing on a back of a horse. The trapeze artists are flying and swinging in the air. The juggler is throwing and catching balls, and he never drops them on the floor. The lion tamer is very brave. He sometimes puts his head in the lion’s mouth. The clown is very funny, he has at least one hundred balloons. The magician is very mysterious, he is pulling a bunny out if his hat. The snake charmer girl is very smart. She can hypnotize a snake with her flute. There is also a boy, he is selling popcorn kids and adults who can enter the magical world of the circus after buying tickets at the ticket seller’s stall.

busy - elfoglalt, élénk, forgalmas
to perform tricks - trükköket ad elő
audience - nézők, közönség
to balance - egyensúlyoz
to swing - hintázik
to throw - dob
to catch - elkap
to drop - leejt
brave - bátor
at least - legalább
mysterious - titokzatos
to pull out of - előhúz (valamit valahonnan)
smart - ügyes
to hypnotize - hipnotizál
flute - furulya
to sell - elad, árul
adult - felnőtt
magical world of the circus - a cirkusz varázslatos világa
stall - bódé

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