Kínai nyár egy medencében töltve… a szoba közepén


Olvasott szövegértés nyomkodós teszttel, amelyből kiderül, miért van úszómedence a kínai egyetemi kollégium szobájában:) 

Chinese students spend hot summer by the pool… without leaving their room

The city of Wuhan in central China is known for its hot summers, with temperatures often reaching 50C (122F).

However, like university campuses around the world, dorm rooms at the Central China Normal Universit are not properly air conditioned.

Four students, sick of brain-cooking days and sleepless nights, decided to set up an inflatable pool.

Clearly none of them are majoring in ergonomics, because they slapped the pool down in the middle of their room.

With little space for anything else, the pool has become the central hub of student life.

They use it to relax, they can work and eat there in the pool with the help of little tables – just don’t drop the laptop – and they even take turns to sleep in the water (there’s only room for two to lie down).

While no-one mentioned any pool rules, we’re guessing they insist on all the usual ones: no diving; no bombing; no ball games; no outside food; and vacate the pool immediately if the water suddenly gets warm around a fellow paddler.

to reach – elérni
university campus – egyetemi terület
dorm room – kollégiumi szoba
air conditioned – légkondicionált
to be sick of – elege van vmiből
brain-cooking – felforr az agya
inflatable – felfújható
ergonomics – ergonómia
to slap down – lecsapja valahova‏
central hub – központi része
rule – szabály
to insist on – ragaszkodni
to dive – fejest ugrani
to bomb – seggest ugran

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