San Francisco viktoriánus házai

San Francisco viktoriánus házai

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Igaz vagy hamis teszt videóval, szöveggel és szószedettel San Francisco jellegzetes házairól. 

Victorian house

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1. “Victorian” means being built by a person called Victor.
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Take a tour of Victorian Houses of San Francisco in San Francisco, United States - part of the World's Greatest Attractions series by GeoBeats.

No where else does the Victorian style dominates the skyline like San Francisco, which hosts the original "Painted Ladies."

Vibrant, welcoming colors give these 19th century holdovers a whimsical, yet awe-inspiring look.

From 1850-1900, there were over 48,000 Victorians built in the area to accommodate the growing population

Most San Francisco Victorians were built with redwood, a cheap and abundant local material.

Many of these buildings were lost in San Francisco's great earthquake and fire in 1906.

However, some western neighborhoods were spared the flames, and the architectural tradition lives on.

Visit Alamo Square to see how these classic, colorful buildings give character to the city.

source: GeoBeats

Victorian – viktoriánus
to dominate – uralni
skyline – égvonal, várossziluett
to host – otthont adni
vibrant – vibráló, élénk
welcoming – hívogató
holdover – a múltból fennmaradt
whimsical – furcsa, hóbortos
yet – mégis
awe-inspiring – lenyűgöző, megkapó
to accommodate – elhelyezni
population – lakosság
redwood – vörösfenyő
abundant – bőséges, gyakori
earthquake – földrengés
to be spared something – megmenekülni valamitől
character – jelleg, személyiség

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