Travelling abroad

Travelling abroad

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Some people prefer staying at home, they rarely leave their home town. But other people are different, they are interested in exotic places and different cultures, so they travel abroad whenever they can. If you are young, travel is a good opportunity to learn about the world. People in their thirties, forties and fifties travel often travel on business, and on vacation, too. After retiring, people like travelling because they don’t have a job to worry about. In Hungary pensions are very low, so Hungarian pensioners don’t travel a lot.

If you want to travel abroad, you need personal documents, like an ID card, or a passport. If you travel in the EU, an ID is enough to identify yourself, but if you go to the United Kingdom or Ireland, you have to carry your passport, too.

If you go abroad, you need to arrange travel and accommodation. You can book everything online, or you can go to a travel agency where an agent will do it for you.

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