Useful dialogues - AT A HOTEL

Useful dialogues - AT A HOTEL

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Három szituációs párbeszédet fogunk most meghallgatni szállodával kapcsolatban: elromlott a wc, reggeli ébresztés, ruhatisztítás kérése.

There’s something wrong with the toilet

Daniel Swift:    Hello. Reception?
Receptionist:   Yes?
Daniel Swift:    I'm calling from Room 342. There's something wrong with the toilet. It doesn’t flush.
Receptionist:   I'll have someone check it right away, sir. Could I have your name, please?
Daniel Swift:    My name's Daniel swift. Room 342.

I’d like a wake-up call

George Adams:Hello. This is George Adams in Room 337, and I´d like a wake-up call tomorrow morning.
Receptionist:   At what time, sir?
George Adams:Wake me up at 7:30, please.
Receptionist:All right, sir.
George Adams:Thank you.

Cleaning services

Receptionist:Good morning. May I help you?
George Adams: Yes. This is Room 337. I have some clothes to be cleaned. Can you send someone up to get them?
Receptionist:Certainly, sir. There's a large brown paper bag in the closet. Put your laundry in it and leave it in front of your door. I´ll send someone to pick it up right away.
George Adams: Thank you. Will that be ready by 9:00 tomorrow morning?
Receptionist:Certainly, sir.

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