2011.10.21. - Rettegés az uborkától

2011.10.21. - Rettegés az uborkától

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11. 10. 21.

Ma befejezzük a fóbiás témát, és három vicces (ugyanakkor sajnálatos) videót fogunk megnézni olyan emberekről, akik furcsa dolgoktól rettegnek, mint például a vattapamacs, az uborka vagy a zselé.

Képzeld, elindultunk mi is az Év Honlapja szavazáson, így ha kedvelsz minket, akkor szavazz ránk Te is:- ) A szavazatodat itt adhatod le (amit előre is nagyon köszönünk):


Hétvégére jó pihenést és egy kis tanulás kívánok!




 a videókat itt nézheted meg:

Maurice Richard "Maury" Povich(born January 17, 1939) is an American actor and TV talk show host who currently hosts his self-titled talk show Maury. Maury has dealt with a variety of issues across its 19 seasons, including – but not limited to – teenage pregnancy, sexual infidelity, paternity test results, uncommon illnesses, makeovers, "out of control" teenagers, transgender individuals, obese children, men controlling and abusing women, little people, bullying, and unusual phobias. After the taping of these episodes, guests are often tracked for progress, both on air and on the Maury website (http://www.mauryshow.com/)

One of the weirdest episodes of Maury Povich show was about unusual phobias. The guests of the show were all women with strange phobias, like being afraid of Jell-O, chicken, and cotton balls.  


1.     How does Carolyn feel if there is a cotton ball near her?

2.     What symptoms does she have when she sees a cotton ball?

3.     What does she hate the most?

4.     What’s her nightmare?

5.     How long has she had this nightmare?

6.     Why is she afraid of baby toys and diapers?

7.     How does her 8-year old freak her out?

FEAR OF PICKLES/Tristadekaphobia

1.     How does Mariah feel if there is a pickle near her?

2.     What symptoms does she have when she sees a pickle?

3.     What does she hate most about pickles?

4.     What does she do when she smells a pickle?

5.     What was her nickname at school? How did she feel about it?

6.     Where did Maury send her to confront her fear?

7.     What does Mariah do?

8.     What does she say when somebody want a pickle?

FEAR OF JELL-O/Jangelaphobia

1.     How does Margaret feel if there red jello-o around her?

2.     When and why did her phobia begin?

3.     How has this phobia affected her life so far?


Arachibutyrophobia:This is the irrational fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of one's mouth.

Automatonophobia:This is the fear of ventriloquists' dummies.

Geliophobia:This is the fear of laughter.

Myrmecophobia:This is the fear of ants.

Ochophobia:This is the fear of being in a moving automobile.

Motorphobia:This is the fear of automobiles. In today’s modern world of technology, it has really become difficult to have a cure for people who have the fear of automobiles.

Pediculophobia:This is the fear of lice. During the school days many children get lice from their classmates and their scalp starts itching. This gradually develops a fear of lice in many children.

Peladophobia:This is the fear of bald people. These days many people have bold head and this makes real difficult to treat people with such phobias.

Pentheraphobia:This is the fear of mothers-in-law. Many mother-in-laws are very strict, aggressive and harsh; they try to keep their daughter-in-law under their control. This tends to develop a fear in many of the married girls.

Triskadekaphobia:This is the fear of the number thirteen. Number thirteen may have proved to be unlucky to many individuals and gradually become a fear for them.

Paraskavedekatriaphobia:This is the fear of Friday the thirteenth. People who have this fear don’t even get up from their beds on this day.

Urophobia:This is the fear of urinating or fear of urine. A very irrational and unimaginable fear but many do have this fear and it becomes difficult for them to survive unless they undergo a treatment.

Gnomophobia:This is the fear of garden gnomes. This is most commonly developed during the early years of childhood due to some personal.

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