Készpénz nélkül – a vásárlók elmennek, ha nem fizethetnek kártyával


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Cashless Britain: New research reveals 1 in 4 will walk away if businesses don’t accept card payments

British consumers continue to reject cash in favour of cards, according to new research from Kalixa Pro, a new payment solution for small businesses.

A huge 71% of Brits admit to carrying less than £20 in cash at any one time. Even more surprisingly, half of them will walk no more than 100 metres for a cash machine, while the average Brit now carries just £17.79 in cash. This is even less for 18-24 year olds, who carry only £12.81 at any one time.

Kalixa Pro’s survey of 2,000 consumers in the UK reveals that consumers prefer to pay with a card, with 82% preferring to use them for purchases over £20. In fact, making card payments is so ingrained in shoppers’ behaviour, that a quarter of them admit they have taken their business elsewhere because a shop or tradesman was unable to process card payments.

More alarmingly for small businesses, is the fact that one in 10 people admit to paying less than full price for goods when they don’t have enough cash on them. Market traders and coffee shop owners are among the worst affected – 34% of people admit to paying less at markets or cafes and 7% admit this happens when they have to pay for unexpected tradesmen call-outs at home.

Colin Swain, Kalixa’s Global Head of Product said: "Consumers switching from cash to card payments is an increasing trend that cannot be ignored. As a society we are increasingly reliant on cards and the flexibility they provide. We are delighted to launch Kalixa Pro, a way for the UK’s sole traders and small businesses to take card payments giving them a cost effective way to help grow their businesses."

Kalixa Pro enables small businesses and sole traders to accept face to face card payments for goods and services using their smartphone.

source: www.mirror.co.uk

consumer – fogyasztó
payment solution – fizetési megoldás
purchase – vásárlás
to be ingrained in – beleivódott, megrögzött
to take one’s business elsewhere – máshova járni vásárolni, boltot, szolgáltatót, stb. váltani
to be unable to – nem képes valamire
to have cash on one – készpénz van valakinél
tradesman call-out – mesterember házhoz kiszállás
to switch from … to … – valamiről valamire váltani
increasing – növekvő
to ignore – figyelmen kívül hagyni
flexibility – rugalmasság
to provide – biztosítani
to launch – piacra dobni, beindítani
sole trader – egyéni vállalkozó
cost effective way – költséghatékony mód
face to face – személyesen, szemtől szembe
smartphone – okostelefon

Fill in the gaps with the right words. There is one extra.

sole trader

payment solution


to have cash on one

to take one’s business elsewhere


1. Our company decided to invest in more ……………….. technology.

2. I need to find a cash machine first, I ……………….. .

3. Being a ……………….. can be quite tiring.

4. Many people ……………….. when the owner of the café was sent to prison for fraud.

5. Many ……………….. prefer to pay by card these days.

answers: 1-cost-effective 2-have no cash on me 3-sole trader 4-took their business elsewhere 5-consumers

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