Üzleti angol szövegértés rövid videóval

Üzleti angol szövegértés rövid videóval

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Management course

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1. This course is free for anybody who lives in Australia.
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How to do a Management course and pay nothing til you’re earning $51k p/a + bonus laptop

Are you business minded and wanting to step up into management?
Did you know you could get a nationally recognised Diploma of Management and not have to pay a cent for the course until you're earning more than $51,000 per year?
On top of that, you can study it online, and you get an iPad Mini as a bonus with the course. Even better, there is a "census date" which is like a free trial period, which you can use if you decide the course isn't right for you?
But there are a couple of catches. Firstly, this course is funded by the government so you have to be an Australian citizen to apply. Secondly, this course has limited places so it's first in, first served. Thirdly, we don't know how long the iPad Mini will remain a study bonus.

So here's what you need to do if you don't want to miss out.
a) Click the big "choose your course" button to learn more about this course.
b) Once there, click the "apply" button and fill out the form to secure your spot until we can get you more info.

And that's it; you're done. Hit the "Choose your course" button now!

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