Last-minute poénok Bolondok Napjára :D


Még nem késő, ha szeretnél valakit megtréfálni:)

Last minute April Fool’s office pranks

Stuck in a Rut
Use string or wire to tie your victim’s drawer shut. (You’ll need to remove the drawer above to access the back so you can accomplish this.)

Did You Call Me?
If you have an office phone system that allows conference calling, you can prank two people at once. Call the first victim’s extension, then very quickly call the second victim and push the conference button. Now both people will think the other person called them and will begin arguing over who called whom!

That’s Not Mine
Leave a gym bag lying around the office. Since no one will know who the bag belongs to, someone will open it. Inside, leave some embarrassing items (XXXL-sized underwear, Justin Beiber fan magazines, giant tube of haemorrhoid cream, etc.). Include a fake ID with your victim’s name prominently displayed.

Fill It Up
Do you have a co-worker that has to use his/her stapler frequently? Grab their stapler whenever they leave their desk and remove all but one or two of the staples. They will go crazy wondering why they are having to refill it so often!

Totally Labelled
Place post-it notes on every item on someone’s desk labelling what each thing is. EVERY ITEM.

Take an item from the victim’s office (something they use a lot such as a special coffee cup, stapler, pencil cup, etc.). Take a picture of the item and leave it on the victim’s desk (in the same spot where the item was located), along with a "ransom" note.

Not Silent, Not Deadly
Set the ring tone on your cell phone to an embarrassing bodily function and turn the volume up all the way. Hide your phone in their desk or under their chair. Call your cell phone from your desk phone. Everyone will think your victim has a problem!


string – spárga
wire – drót
to access – elérni, hozzéférni
extension – mellék (telefon)
to argue – vitatkozni
gym bag – sportzsák
embarrassing – zavarba ejtő, ciki
haemorrhoid cream – aranyérre való krém
fake ID – hamis személyi
prominently – feltűnően
stapler – tűzőgép
to remove – kiszedni, elvenni, elvinni
to refill – feltölteni
to label – felcimkézni, feliratozni
in the same spot – ugyanazon a helyen
ransom – váltságdíj
bodily function – élettani folyamat
desk phone – vezetékes telefon


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