Rhyming Expressions in Contemporary English

Rhyming Expressions in Contemporary English

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Rímes kifejezések a modern angol nyelvből. Te ismered őket? 

Yummy Mummy, Culture Vulture etc. Rhyming Expressions in Contemporary English

yummy mummy - an attractive and stylish young mother

culture vulture - a person who is very interested in the arts

chick flick - a film which appeals to young women

brain drain - the emigration of highly trained or qualified people from a particular country

blame game - a situation in which one party blames others for something bad or unfortunate rather than attempting to seek a solution

trout pout - unnaturally swollen lips resulting from the injection of excessive collagen into the lips in a cosmetic procedure intended to enhance their appearance

meals on wheels - meals delivered to old people or invalids who cannot cook for themselves

prime time - the time at which a radio or television audience is expected to be at its highest

fun run - an uncompetitive run, especially for sponsored runners in support of a charity

make or break - be the factor which decides whether (something) will succeed or fail

Delhi belly - an upset stomach on holiday accompanied by diarrhoea, especially as suffered by visitors to India

chick lit - not very quality literature which appeals to young women

rom com - romantic comedy, a film or television programme about love that is intended to make you laugh

Can you fill in the gaps with the right rhyming word from above?

1. This is your last chance to show if you are good for the national swimming team. It’s real …………….. time in your life.

2. The programme is only of limited interest. I can’t understand why it is shown on ……………. TV.

3. Elderly people who cannot cook for themselves are entitled to a ………………….


4. ……………… just doesn’t interest my boyfriend. I can’t make him watch Mamma Mia! though it’s my favourite.

5. The ……………. of doctors leaving the country is seriously affecting our health service.

6. John goes to all the new plays and exhibitions, reads all the latest novels and is a regular opera-goer. What a ……………. .

7. A thousand people took part in Sunday’s three kilometre ………….. to raise money for charity.

8. A lot of women really envy Victoria Beckham. With her good looks and that great figure, she is such a …………….. .

9. Don’t Janice’s lips look funny? That Botox has given her a real …………… .

10. The minister said he was not going to enter into a ………………. about the economic fiasco, because the responsibility lay with many people.

11. I am not a big fan of Hugh Grant – he only ever does …………. . I prefer more serious actors.

12. That’s the last time I’ve been to India! I had …………… for days – it might have been the tap water – and spent most of the time on the loo. 

13. Our daughter only reads ………… . I can’t make her read quality literature.


1. make or break

2. prime time  

3. meals on wheels

4. rom com

5. brain drain

6. culture vulture

7. fun run

8. yummy mummy

9. trout prout

10. blame game

11. chick flicks

12. Delhi belly  

13. chick lit


to appeal to somebody

tetszik valakinek, elnyeri a tetszését

to blame somebody

hibáztatni valakit

to attempt to do something

megkísérelni valamit csinálni

to seek a solution

megoldást keresni


feldagadt, felduzzadt


túlzott mértékű

to enhance

fokozni, hangsúlyozni


rokkant, beteg


nem versenyszerű


jótékonysági szervezet

to fail

elbukni, nem sikerülni

upset stomach




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