10 Animals That Dance Better Than You Do

Gergő | 2015. 09. 21.

Szeretsz táncolni? … és tudsz is? Íme, 10 állat, aki lehet, hogy jobban nyomja, mint Travolta! 

Here are 10 animals that could own the dance floor.

Some people truly have a gift for moving to the music, but even many of them may have a tough time keeping up with these creatures.

Here are 10 animals that could own the dance floor.

Number 10. Cockatoos. A bird named Snowball rose to Internet fame when video of him keeping time with The Backstreet Boys went viral. Scientists did some further studies and learned that he can switch up his rhythm depending upon what’s playing.

Number 9. Peacock Spiders. These fuzzy little arachnids put on quite a show, and they do it in the name of love. As part of their mating ritual the males dance around and flourish their elaborately colored tail-flaps in hopes of getting some female attention. It’s a lot of effort, but getting the girl is pretty important. Failure comes with the risk of being eaten by the very lady they’re trying towoo.

Number 8. Laysan Albatrosses. Dancing with a partner can be tough, particularly when up to 25 unique moves are involved, but these birds have risen to the challenge. At some point in time they even added a segment where they click their bills together.

Number 7. Dung Beetles. Through the use of props, these insects have turned what would otherwise be a modest jig into the equivalent of a Broadway-level production. Upon gathering a big ball of excrement to take home and feed to their young, a beetle will climb on top of it and move about as a means of getting their bearings.

Number 6. Bees. Honeybees were experts in the art of interpretive dance before that was even a thing. Workers who have found a food source alert the rest of their hive to the bounty by shaking their bodies. The order and number of wiggles let the others know where to go looking for their next meal.

Number 5.Manakins. Michael Jackson may have made the moonwalk famous, but males of this bird species have been doing it a lot longer. They have also perfected using their bodies as musical instruments, such as a guitar, meaning they never need a backup band or a music track.

Number 4. Frogs. There are 14 species of them in particular, all of which live in India, that display a particular gift for strong, extended leg movements. Their neighborhoods tend to be filled with the sounds of rushing streams, so it’s believed they developed their chorus line-like skills as a means of communicating without having to yell over the noise.

Number 3. Sea Lions. One who has shown a particular natural talent for getting down is Ronan, a female who lives at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She seems to prefer to groove along to disco and boy bands, but in a pinch will make do with nothing but a metronome.

Number 2. Gorillas. Some animals are naturals. Take Zola, a nine-year-old who once lived at the Calgary Zoo. Most dancers need a rhythm to grab onto, but not this one. He choreographed and performed his break-dancing routine sans accompaniment – the music was added later.

Number 1. Birds-Of-Paradise. Instruction will only get one so far. To achieve greatness, practice and determination are required, and that is something these birds truly understand. Young males inherit the basic steps from their fathers, but spend years refining their performances. Ultimately, they determine what the next generation will learn.

Which animals do you think are the best dancers?


to have a tough time

nehézségekkel küzdeni, keserves perceket átélni

to keep up with somebody

lépést tartani valakivel





to keep time

tartani az ütemet

to go viral

rohamosan elterjed/rengetegen osztják meg interneten







to flourish

fitogtatni, villogtatni

to woo


to rise to the challenge

megfelelni a kihívásnak



dung beetle

ganajtúró bogár




tánc (dzsigg)



to get somebody’s bearings

egyensúlyozni, egyensúlyt találni




értelmező, magyarázó





to wiggle

tekergőzni, ide-oda mozogni


manakin madár

rushing streams

gyorsfolyású patakok

to yell

üvölteni, ordítani

sea lion


to groove


in a pinch

ha meg van szorulva

sans accompaniment

kíséret nélkül

a natural

született tehetség

bird of paradise


to achieve greatness

nagyságra jutni



to inherit


to refine

tökéletesíteni, csiszolni



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